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Company Overview

What SFM represents:
  • Leader in Europe in the field of fine Mg powders
  • 1.500 tonnes per year of production capacity
  • 80% of production is for export
  • 26 employees
  • 9 millions Swiss francs of annual turnover

SFM SA, originally founded in 1927, in Martigny, Switzerland, is the leading European manufacturer of fine magnesium powders, granules and raspings.

SFM's extensive experience in the magnesium industry has allowed the development of a full range of high quality products for demanding industries such as welding, pyrotechnic, petrochemical and pharmaceutical.

Continuous focus on technological investment enables SFM to adapt to market requirements. Recent investments include a bespoke inert gas atomiser specializing in the production of high quality magnesium and magnesium alloy powders. The facility offers SFM customers maximum flexibility in terms of particle sizes and precision distributions.

SFM is now the last European producer of Mg anodes for the cathodic protection of water heaters, cisterns and pipelines due to its strong foundry roots.

SFM's commitment to offering the highest quality products is achieved by the strict control of both incoming and outgoing materials by its fully equipped internal laboratory.

These factors have enabled SFM to build and maintain its position as a leader in the magnesium industry with worldwide exports of over 80% of its annual production.

SFM, your source for Magnesium!