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Our History

A few dates in our history

1927 1953 1970
Start of the SA POUR LA FABRICATION DU MAGNESIUM plant (SFM) in Martigny (VS).
Electrolytic production of primary magnesium from ores from its own mines.
The production of primary magnesium from ores is stopped. A process for Mg recovery by recycling Mg is developped.SFM specializes in the transformation of the magnesium and its alloys.
1974 1983 1989
The MINMET Group purchases SFM.Development of the "continuous casting" process for the production of anodes/bars.Transfer to a new, modern plant, still in Martigny.
1996 2003 2006
SFM obtains the ISO 9002 certificate.New ISO 9001 : 2000 certification.New production line for Atomised Mg powders.
2009 2012 2013
Integration of the Commercial department in the plant and change of the name (SFM SA).Take over of SFM majority shares by Fluorsid Group, a World leading manufacturer of inorganic fluorochemicals for the aluminium industry.SFM retains its ISO 9001:2008 quality standard certifications.

SFM, your source for Magnesium!