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About Magnesium

Some technical details and a brief overview about magnesium:

MG Element
The Element
Symbol: Mg
Name: Magnesium
Atomic number: 12
Relative atomic mass: 24,305
Valency: 2
Relative density: 1.738
Melting point: 651°
Boiling point: 1107°
Crystal structure: Close packed hexagonal (a=3.2030 c= 5.2002)
MG Formula


Where Magnesium can be retrieved:

MG Bars


Worldwide production of Metallic Magnesium: 600'000 T/year (80% in China)


Two fundamental processes:

1. Thermal reduction (Pidgeon process, mainly used in China): reduction of calcined Dolomite with ferrosilicon
2. Electrolytic reduction of MgCl
Magnesiun Price Evolution

Price Evolution

Magnesium Price Evolution comparing China and Europe market

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