Heading Image: Atomised Mg Powders

Atomised Mg Powders

Our newly installed inert gas atomiser (2006) has been custom designed specifically for the production of magnesium and magnesium alloys powders. The facility offers SFM customers maximum flexibility in terms of particles sizes and precision distributions with homogenous batches of up to 3.000 kg

Application Description
Atomised Mg powders are mainly used in military pyrotechnics for the production of:
  • Decoy flares
  • Ammunitions
Other applications include
  • In the welding industry
  • Structural application
  • Corrosion protective coatings
Fine spherical magnesium powder particles, bright and shiny powder.
Available Specifications Safety
According to following norm:
  • MIL-M-382C
  • MIL-P-14067B
  • Def Stan 13/130

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