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Magnesium Raspings

SFM's extensive experience and knowledge in the magnesium industry has allowed us to develop a wide range of Mg raspings combined with SFM's commitment to offer the highest quality products to pharmaceutical industry. We achieve this via the strict control of both incoming and outgoing materials by our fully equipped internal laboratory.

Application Manufacturing Program
Mg raspings are used as reagents for the Grignard reaction. In the following industries:
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
Powders are mechanicaly produced from pure Magnesium.

Minimum rate: 99.8%
Optimisation Safety
In partnership with the "Ecole d'Ingégnieurs du Valais (HEVs)", we can propose an optimisation of your Grignard Reaction
R-X + Mg (metal)Arrow FormulaR-Mg-X
R-Mg-X + R'-XArrow FormulaR-R' + Mg-X2
Mg Raspings are labelled as dangerous goods under the ADR Number 1869 class 4.1

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