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Mechanical Mg Powders

SFM's extensive experience in the magnesium industry has allowed the development of a full range of high quality Mg powders and Al/Mg 50/50 powders for demanding industries such as welding pyrotechnic and petrochemical.

Application Manufacturing Program
Mg and Al/Mg powders are mainly used:
  • In the military and civilian pyrotechnical industry for the luminescence of ammunitions and fireworks.
  • In the welding industry for the coating of welding eletrodes.
  • In petrochemistry for the synthesis of catalysts
Powders are mechanicaly produced from pure Magnesium.

Minimum rate: 99.8%
Available Specification Safety
Our facilities offer SFM customers maximum flexibility in terms of particle sizes and precision distributions.
Tailor made powders are available on request.
Mechanical Mg Powders are labelled as dangerous goods under the ADR number UN 1418 class 4.3

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